Art in Bayfront Park Art fair Duluth Minnesota
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Booth Demonstrators

Watch the creators at work!



We will have various artists demonstrating in their booths through-out the day. Below are just a few...


ARTIST: Mona Knoke

Watch Mona as she weaves her rugs.




ARTIST: Joel Cherrico

Watch Joel spin his pottery wheel to make pottery.



Lucy Lemay

ARTIST: Lucy LeMay

Watch Lucy as she paints in watercolor.


Jeromy Darling

ARTIST: Jeromy Darling

Jeromy will be singing by the main stage, have lunch and enjoy his tunes, then take home a CD for future enjoyment.


jaana Mattson

ARTIST: Jaana Mattson

Watch Jaana Mattson as she performs needle felting where strand by strand she forms pictures then frames them in hard sawed timbers.



Eric Johnson

ARTIST: Eric Johnson

Watch block printmaking in action.


gary harbo

ARTIST: Gary Harbo

Ask Gary to read to you from one of his children's book.


corbin lutz

ARTIST: Corbin Lutz

Watch Corbin paint in water color, then take her art class by clicking here.



russ erickson

ARTIST: Russ Erickson

Watch Russ Erickson hand make paper.



ARTIST: Marilyn Clement

Watch marilyn Clement as she makes jewelry from a torch firing method.



dan neff

ARTIST: Dan Neff

Watch Dan Neff make glass marbles.



ARTIST: Lee Ann Schutz

Watch Lee Ann Achutz as she wraps 100% cording cotton fabric to form bowls and vessels.




ARTIST: Josh DeSmit

Watch Josh DeSmit as he uses spray paint freehand to draw his detailed paintings.



ARTIST: Stephen Morse

Join Stephen Morse to carve your own scratchmold then cast them into aluminum on site.




ARTIST: George LeHoop

Watch as George LeHoop paints with drumsticks on canvas, drums, and old records without the use of brushes.



ARTIST: Kristi Abbott

Watch our featured artist Kristi Abbott as she forms collaged art using various papers.




ARTIST: Julie Arthur

Watch Julie Arthur hand weave rugs, shawls and scarves. Many are made from hand spun wool and hand dyed.



ARTIST: Marie Brown

Watch Marie Brown as she hand tossed pottery.




ARTIST: Anders Idso

Watch as Anders Idso makes jewelry from 100% recycled metals and scrap leather.



ARTIST: Douglas Jackson

Watch Douglas Jackson as he carves wood into chairs, bowls and other items.



ARTIST: Alexa Caskey

Watch Alexa Caskey as she paints between real and surreal images.






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